Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Blood Angels Hilarity

When I heard about the Magna-Grapple thing I thought of two things: the first is illustrated below and the second was, "hey, they stole that ability from the old-school Tyranids!"

Secondly, here's a closeup of some new Blood Angels artwork! I hear they're also getting a "sparkle" ability, where you have to roll a leadership test to not swoon at their carefully tousled hair. Perhaps they're trying to reach out to more female gamers.

Here's the full codex cover.

There were whispers of Space Wolves getting a minor update to give them the "No-Shirt" option but wasn't able to hear what in-game effect it had.

*My apologies to those from whom I appropriated the images, Games Workshop, Stephanie Meyer and lastly myself for having to comb through many pictures of Robert Pattinson to find one that would work.


  1. That's great. Maybe I can get the wife to play some 40k now. probably still wont happen though, I don't think old Rob himself could get her into this game. Good post though i'm stll chuckling about it.

  2. LOL @ shirtless upgrades for the puppies.

    As for the twilight marine, he's not old enough to even be a scout!!

  3. My girlfriend even enjoyed that. She was hoping the Blood Angels and Space Wolves had prefered enemy or hatred or even just an uneasy truce...

    Do Wulfen count as shirtless??

  4. Robert Pattterson has NO place in our hobby!! This is Blasphemy of the upmost degree, and I shall be contact Dante regarding your immediate execution/or exile of penance!


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