Friday, April 1, 2011

New Necron/Tau Leaks?

I don't usually post this kind of stuff but I haven't seen anyone else picking up on this.  I won't quote my source just yet until I see the usual rumormongers post it.

Anyway, here are some updated Necron Rumors.

Necrons will be getting some new plastic kits.
Warriors will be different, but still the same.
Destroyers will be modified from how they are now, but still familiar.
There will be some all-new never before seen models.
Tomb Spyders will be changed, but still somewhat the same.
Flayed Ones will be different than they are now.
Gauss weapons will work differently than they do now, but still have a similar mechanic.
Some stuff is better, other stuff is not so great.
They'll be released either this year or next.

And here's the Tau ones:

Some of the guns will be similar, but some will be different.
Kroot are still in.
Vespids still suck.

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  1. These rumors are identically similar to some that I may or may not have read here or somewhere else...


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