Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Skaven Rough Draft List- Need Input

Here's what I've come up with so far.  This is a rough draft for Saturday and I'd like some input based on the missions and what I've got.


Grey Seer on Bell
Potion of Toughness (I find he gets chopped up on the first round of combat, this should help with that)


Engineer with Doomrocket

Plague Priest on Furnace
Level 2
Plague Censer
Ironcurse Icon
Shadow Magnet Trinket

Chieftain- BSB
Great Weapon
Talisman of Protection (the 4++ one)


50 Clanrats
Full Command
Poison Wind Mortar

30 Stormvermin
Full Command
Storm Banner
Warpfire Thrower

51 Skavenslaves

6 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster


40 Plague Monks
Full Command

3x Jezzails, Sharpshooter

5 Gutter Runners
Slings and Poison


Hellpit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes

Hellpit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes


Plagueclaw Catapult

Total:  3000 Points

This list isn't ideal, but it's based on what I have.  I am flexible on some of the things I can bring.  Here's what I have in addition to what's listed that I can use to tailor my force.

Engineer/Grey Seer (on foot)
Plague Priest
Extra clanrats/slaves (can adjust any unit's numbers, possibly create a new one)
10 Stormvermin
Warp Lightning Cannon
At least 8 Rat Ogres
Bunch more Giant Rats
Warpfire Thrower/Poisoned Wind Mortar

I'm worried that my clanrat and plague priest units may be too large.  I may shrink the Clanrats down to 40 and the Plague Monks down to 35.

Hopefully I'll be able to focus this list and have a solid one by Saturday.


  1. It's a tough list. I'm not a fan of giving the Priest a plague censor. I might try to fit in a banner like shroud of dripping death instead. Or flame banner. I like the 2 abomb + DW combo. Maybe Cannon > catapult. I'm also not a fan of jezzails in 8th ed. I might get more GRs instead. Good luck at Ardz!

  2. Can you fit in the warp lightning canon and not lose any of your rares? I might take a warpfire thrower as well.

  3. I'm reluctant to take any warmachines now because of the first and third scenarios. The ones I have in my list have ways around LoS, but they'll get screwed over if there's a lightning strike in the third scenario, so I may not take them at all.


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