Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stompa Complete

This wraps up the largest single model I've ever painted.  This was a commission.  The client wanted the arms and head magnetized as well as the deffrolla.  The head was easy enough but those arms are really heavy and the joins are so weedy that I had to use pins.  I don't even think the magnets are holding the arms.  I think it's all on the pins.  The deffrolla isn't magnetized at all and it's heavily trimmed so it would fit in the front.  Technically a Stompa can't take a deffrolla but I do as I'm told.

I used the chipped metal look for the black (as requested, tutorial coming soon).  The client actually wanted me to paint it clean and unweathered but I just couldn't resist.  Chipped metal is still clean.  I wanted to rust the feet and deffrolla but the client wants it to match the rest of his army so that was a no go.  I did use an oil stain weathering powder on the white and other key areas because it really needed something, it looked too plain without it.

This is the first Ork model I've ever painted.  It's hopefully not the last, the Ork style allows me to be more stylistic and even sloppy at times.  I don't have to stress about streaks in my white as the Orks certainly don't care about that.  It's hard to see in the pictures but all the streaks in the white are going the same way so it doesn't look sloppy.

A bit of advice for painting a stompa or similar sized model:  break it down into smaller chunks.  I painted the arms as one model each, the head as one model and finally the body.  This made it so much more manageable.  It's kind of daunting painting something this big but you have to eat a squiggoth one bite at a time.  If it doesn't eat you first.


  1. This is a really nice paint job though I have to say, when it comes to making a Stompa for myself with a deffrolla, I won't use the one you can get off mail order, but convert something a bit... chunkier :oP That one looks great on a battlewagon, but a little dwarfed on a Stompa.

    Please note I'm not criticising your work here, you used what is available and have done a good job. I'm just expressing my own preference, which is Orkish in it's simplicity - We Wantz a Bigga Rolla! :oP

  2. Awesome Stompa here! The weathering is top notch and it just reeks of orkiness. Well done sir.

  3. Great job! Maybe we'll get to play against it.


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