Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Island of Blood Complete!

I have built 40 clanrats and I have many, many more to go.  I still have one IoB set to finish and then I'm going to need Skavenslaves so that's even more.  Some of the rats in this set might make good slaves but those shields are pretty stuck on there, and who gives their slaves shields?  They're supposed to die.  I may buy a box of Night Goblins to use as slaves and mix them in the unit.

I have also decided to just keep all my stuff on one blog.  Like Chicago Terrain Factory responded, "Better to have one active blog than two slow ones."  Only 20 people voted in my poll, and I know I have more readers than that but I had a 3/4ths majority on keeping them together.

Also, I'm approaching 100 "followers."  When I hit 100 I need to do some kind of giveaway.

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  1. The new fantasy set is crazy awesome. Makes me wish they'd do something like that for 40k.


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