Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Island of Blood Test Models

I decided to make my first painted Skaven models be the champions from Island of Blood.  It would be a good way to experiment and try to speed up my usual routines since I have eighty of the rats to paint.

I primed them with the Army Painter Fur Brown.  I then basecoated and did one layer of highlights on the silver metal only.  I then washed the whole thing with Devlan Mud.  Afterwards I highlighted the gold and the bronze.  I picked out the eyes and added the rust on the blade.  It really didn't take that long and it certainly looks like a dirty rat man.

The hardest thing was letting go of my normally meticulous style and making concessions in quality for speed.  But the nice thing about Fantasy is that only the front rank has to look good, the rest just have to look unified.

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