Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Upcoming Apocalypse Game!

Saturday I'm going down to the L.A. Battle Bunker for a massive Apocalypse game! It's going to be Eldar (for story purposes, my Eldar are pirate mercenaries) and Chaos versus Dark Angels. We're taking 6k points each. We've divided the board in half with seven objectives, three on each side and one in the middle. Here are some pictures from the last game we played (lots of unpainted minis, sorry!).

Some of the awesome selection of terrain at the L.A. Battle Bunker

A devastating bombing run from a Fighta-Bomma

My Fire Dragons and some marines join in assaulting this hastily constructed scratch-built stompa.

The view from the Ork side, you can see the back of my friend's massively, massively oversized stompa. It's probably bigger than a gargant. You can see my titan off in the distance.

The view from our side. Almost every single ork you see here died. In the end, it was only a drop in a bucket. Notice the line of grots in the background? They're from the boxed set back in 2nd edition. But besides that, my opponents had enough grots to line the board edge completely. They were afraid that we would flank march, and so blocked their entire board edge. The only reserves they had were flying things, or infiltrators.

I think I've hosted these pictures before, but here's our front line defense.

In an unrelated note, I built 10 craters out of clay today. They're drying right now, but once they're done I will post pictures. They took about 10 minutes to make, at most. The smaller ones took about 5 minutes. Really simple and they look great.

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