Monday, November 14, 2011

Frequent Internet Spelling Mistakes: Pour vs. Pore

This one has been building up to a slow boil.  Goatboy's post on BOLS yesterday finally drove me to make this post.  Folks, when you say you were "pouring over the new Necron book" you are not doing what you think you are doing.

This is pouring:

This is what happens when you pour over a book:

This is poring over a book:

If you didn't know the difference, go ahead an pore over my other spelling and grammar posts.  If you use it wrong again, I'll pour you a nice glass of hemlock.


  1. You don't poor over it?

    Because the internets does that a lot too :-p

  2. I am curious about that painting. My uncle has one that looks an awfully lot like this one and he wanted to know who the artist is. So do you know who the painter is? Because I'm rather curious about it now too.


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