Thursday, November 17, 2011

Commissioned Lugft Huron

I painted this one on commission, my patron being Col. Dracus.  His Space Marine chapter is a custom one, called the Celestial Lions (so that's not technically Lugft Huron).  The colors were chosen by him, as seen in this post.  He's going for a really unusual basing scheme which is why I didn't do the base for this one.  Be sure to check out his work on his blog, linked above.  His basing scheme is to make them look like they're in a palace.

The color is similar to the Astral Claws.  He wanted the broad flat blue areas to be reminiscent of blue marble.  This was one of the trickiest things to figure out how to do.  The eyes were also really small and I had to do them twice to get them looking in the same direction.

To weather the flamer I used Tamiya weathering powders.

Here's a closeup of the banner.  Dracus named the Celestial Lions' chapter master Gaius Magnus.  I almost had to stop myself from writing Gaius Baltar on the banner.

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  1. You did an Awesome Job for me bud! I will have to post some pics once I finish his base.


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