Thursday, June 23, 2011

Using Instant Mold

Vacation is over.  Back to work.  I recently purchased some Instant Mold from CoolMiniOrNot and am thoroughly impressed with it.  Below you can see the first piece I did.

It's pretty good!  The only thing you need to be aware of is that air bubbles can get caught in fine details. Watch out for that.  You can mitigate it slightly by the way you put the green stuff in.

You can also make two part molds.  This is a little trickier.  What's this image above?  You'll see soon!

It's really simple to use.  The thing to remember is patience.  Don't peel the mold off while the GS is curing, and don't peel the mold off while it's cooling.  Let it cool normally.  I'm not sure if you can put it in the fridge to speed things up, but don't peel it off early or it will deform.

This is going to be a vital tool in my conversion arsenal.  Anyone who does a lot of converting should have some of this.  It's not expensive and opens new doors of conversion possibilities.


  1. Awesome, been meaning to pick some of this stuff up too, looks fairly easy to work with! Thanks for sharing. would be interested in know more bout the airbubble solution too.

  2. Would it work to copy weapons like haywire blasters, heat lances or melta guns? I have only seen it used on chunky things.

  3. @Pedro: Normally to prevent airbubbles you'd use gates and vents but that's not really possible when duplicating plastic pieces. In this case it would be like filling in air bubbles on a resin model.

    @eldaraddict: Yes it can. I have been perfecting my technique on using a two part mold. It all depends on the level of detail, but with practice you could probably get it pretty good. My first attempt at a two sided mold was a Deathspitter and it came out pretty well.

  4. The fridge could work to cool it, but a cup of cool water works just as well. However that can get water in your mold and if you are in a hurry that could lead to bubbles in your casting.

    You've obviously had better luck with the two part mold than I have, though I wasn't using GS for mine.

    I too love this stuff lots!


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