Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swarmlord WIP

Here's my current Swarmlord.  The arms are magnetic so it can be a regular tyrant if I wish, I customized the tail to make him stand out a bit more and that weird double-tail thing in the codex picture doesn't do it for me.  I'm still not satisfied with the swords, I think they need some detail or more hollowing, I'm not sure which.  I'm open to suggestions on that.


  1. Looking cool - my suggestion for the swords is to paint the blade edge(s) darker or lighter than the rest of the sword. I think that's the definition they need.

  2. The tail is a might bit long, but I like it--especially the end. Is that just a Mawloc tail converted up? Great idea.

  3. @Dave: That's the plan, to fade from near-black to almost white on the edges.

    @Warhammer39999: It's just about the same length as the normal Tyrant tail, it's just stretched out. The claw at the end is actually the tip of the Trygon tail with just a spike for the pincer part. The armor plates are from the Hormagaunt upgrade sprue. I tried the Mawloc tail but it was just too big.

  4. Sry, but the swords style proportions don't look good.

    Maybe you should try to buy or copy these:

  5. What's wrong with them? They're the same length as the standard bonesword. That other bonesword looks the same as what most other people are doing. I want something different. I styled mine after a Greek Kopis. They're not done anyway. I still may make them a bit more slender.


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