Monday, December 20, 2010

Poisoned Wind Mortar

This was another exercise in speed painting.  Due to having two children, one of them a fussy baby, my painting time is drastically short.  The aforementioned Sanctum Imperialis represents a few weeks of working in bits and pieces.  This one I got done in three days, once again working a few minutes here, a few there.  Skaven are really nice for speed painting because it's easy to get good results quickly.

I'm sort of pleased with the glassy globes, I could have done better if I had put more time into it.  I think I need to make the clouds a bit more irregular, but as is I think it's good for a speed paint job.


  1. Little wins with speed paint jobs are great. It's nice to be able to knock one out of the park quickly after spending a week on a larger project.

    I agree that the globes look great. Did you paint a varnish over the top of them to make them shinier?

  2. For a speed painting job you sure did a good job.

    I know what it's like when your life is filled with little one (not the metal and plastic kind). My own is 5 months and the older sibling is 21 months.

    That's just old enough to try to eat daddy's models if he doesn't lock the door to the study...


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