Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ymgarl Stealers

After reading through the codex, I'm intrigued by these guys. They seem like an interesting unit to use, but with a major flaw if the enemy hides in the same terrain. Then I had another idea- what if during deployment you used Spore Mines to saturate the terrain, to keep the enemy out? This may not even work, and it may not be a game winning strategy, but I'd like to give it a try.

I was also thinking about their morphing and when you'd want to use it. What I was thinking is on the charge, use the +1 T morph so you win combat, but not by a landslide. This way the enemy won't run and you won't be stuck out in the open. In the opponent's phase, use a more offensive morph to hopefully wipe out or break them. Once again, I need to test this so it may not even be a viable strategy.

They seem pretty easy to model, the feeder tendril heads from the Genestealer kit are all you need. Anyone had a chance to try these guys out yet?


  1. We used a couple squads of these in our recent Apoc game, and they were awesome! The fact that they just appear in the terrain (no scatter), and can still move, fleet, and charge gives them an insane amount of range. Couple this with the fact that most area terrain we use is too big to cover with just a single squad, and they only have to compete with infiltrators when deploying outside of the enemy's standard deployment area, and they can be devastating.

    I hadn't considered the +T strategy--but that does sound like a good tactic. I'll give it a shot the next time we use them.

  2. I can certainly see these critters kicking some serious behind on table with enough scenery. If you only have a few pieces you will indeed need to precautions to make certain you don't loose all those points.

    Blasting one or two terrain pieces with spore mines could certainly do the trick. They are scary enough to frighten of most light infantry, don't warrant heavy fire power to clear (there's a full army on the other side of the table for that) and hitting to sections would leave your opponent guessing in which terrain piece the stealers (if any of them) are hiding out.

    At the same time I can also see smart players just sacrificing some poor mini to blow up the minis, hoping to take the stealers down in the following (series of) blasts. Still, a very interesting idea!

  3. ...I think i will give them a chance...
    I'm a huge stealers fan
    How about one or two small troop stealers units not too difficoult to infiltrate not in LoS and so ready to assault in the first turn?

    I hope to test the new codex soon


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