Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tyranid Wishlisting: HQ Edition

Rumor has it that the Tyranid codex is being "worked on" right now, whatever that means. Here are some of the things that I would like to see in the new one. I'll start with the HQ section.

Hive Tyrant: I pretty much like him as is. His biomorphs are what need improving. The most obvious one is the Bonesword. As is, it's fairly useless and Scything Talons are a better option if you are going for CC. I would like to see the Bonesword go back to its original fluff from Second edition and negate invulnerable saves. That would make the Hive Tyrant even more fearsome.

The other Hive Tyrant option that desperately needs improving is Warp Field. A huge chunk of points for a 6+ inv? Pretty ridiculous. It needs to be at least a 5+ for its point cost. I'll cover this more when I talk about Biomorphs and Psychic powers.

Lastly, I'd like the option for a Hive Tyrant to take a Bio-Cannon. Tyranids need some kind of effective anti-tank weaponry since the VC got nerfed. Make it a S10 AP3 Assault X weapon. To keep it limited, only allow Hive Tyrants to take it.

Broodlord: I love my broodlords but they need two things. They need to be able to fleet, and they need better armor. Perhaps they can have the 6+ inv. I wouldn't mind seeing them lose their infiltrate and keeping Scout, but gaining Fleet. Or maybe they need to deploy like a Lictor does (with some clarification on if they need to roll for Dangerous Terrain). Infiltrate just doesn't cut it for me when they are too slow.

Tyranid Warriors: I'll cover these guys in the Elites section.

Finally I'd like to see another HQ option opened up. What it could be is debateable. If GW keeps up with their current trend of HQ determining army special rules, I can possibly see Genestealers made into Elites choices and taking a Broodlord making them Troops. I don't know if I like that idea, but I can see it happening. Some people have suggested the Malanthrope for HQ, and that is a viable possibility, but he is really just a souped up Hive Tyrant with his current stats.

Speaking of the Malanthrope, I love the model but did they ever get his stats wrong. They made him into a CC machine (and a fast one) but I see it from the description as more of a slow, drifting psychic abomination. Perhaps something like that could be a new HQ- a more powerful Zoanthrope.


  1. I think that in general, 'nids really need some kind of ranged anti-tank threat.

    Barbed stranglers are NOT enough, and the Venom Cannon's inability to penetrate is also a problem.

    I'd like to see some kind of valid ranged anti-tank on Tyrants, Carnies, and Warriors at the least. Plus, the basic troops would be GREATLY AIDED by the ability to take at least some kind of 'I hurt tanks' gun or ability.

    I think it'd also be nice to see some kind of transport monstrous creature. I know we all love the 'nid theme of massed walking gribblies, but when those gribblies are squishy and can't hurt vehicles they aren't really worth a lot, now are they?

  2. As it stands, the ONLY way to get any anti-tank in 'Nids is on MCs, and I'd definitely like to see that change.

    It's extremely like that the whole "BuildaBug" system will be dropped and we'll instead see something much closer to what the CSM/Ork/SM/IG codices have; to whit, a set list of stuff included and a list of addition/replacement options.

    I think it's most likely they will rework the VC again, rather than adding an entirely new gun; the "glances only" part was more an odd relic of 4th rather than the long term fluff for the gun.

    We'll most likely have four HQ choices (Tyrant, Flyrant as a 0-1, Broodlord, and Warriors) in the new codex, but I'd definitely like to see more.

    Also, Synapse needs a major revamp; as is, it really doesn't force a lot of interesting decisions and it allows Tyranid players to ignore an entire aspect of the game. As much as I like being Fearless, it's not terribly interesting and I think they're steering away from it in newer books. One of the best suggestions my group has come up with is copying DoW2's system: each synapse creature grants an ability/bonus with its synapse, and all regular 'Nids have an "under Synapse" ability that functions only when they're in range of a synapse creature.

  3. I like your ideas. There is or was some sort of transport monster for Epic. That would help make gaunts better for scoring. Also, I like the idea for synapse granting some kind of bonus. We shall see what happens.

  4. I really feel that the broodlord only really needs fleet in order to be more effective. It has been awhile since I have played with nids, but it seemed like the only flaw in his design. I agree that I am expecting that a broodlord is going to be required if a player wants to field genestealers as troops.

    I like your thoughts about adding another HQ type. Tyranids don’t really have named characters, but it would be cool if they got one or two very specialized choices, like the malanthrope. I agree that the “mal” should have been a psychic monster and pretty close to useless in CC. I’d also like to see something along the lines of a mini-domantrix.

    With regards to the hive tyrant, I would like to see the boneswords improved. I don’t like the idea of them ignoring inv save and would prefer to see them act as power weapons with a bonus to strength. (IMO necrons should own the market on CC weapons that ignore inv saves.) I think it would be cool if tyrants could upgrade to have a back mounted weapon, but I am stating that with visions of cool conversions and not really for tactical value.


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