Monday, July 13, 2009

Malanthrope WIP

Ever since I finished the Deathwing, this is what has been occupying my time. It is still in progress.

I'll post some specifics on how I got certain effects when I finish. If you have any questions post them in the comments. I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming so far, I still have to work a lot on the carapace (it's not even close to done) and some fine tuning the body area.


  1. I really the use of bright blues, so this model is an eye grabber for me. I also like the use of purple and find the combination of colors to compliment the alien appearance of the model.

  2. Very nice purple/violet. If you could make a photo of this guy next to some hive tyrant or carnifex (even unpainted), it would be interesting for me to see such a comparison.

  3. Holly cow! That thing looks like it'll glow in the dark. Very Tyranid-esk if I do say so myself. Well done.


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