Friday, June 5, 2009

Small Game Recap

So last night turns out that the store does have some bigger tables. Furthermore, they are expanding in a couple of months and they'll have even bigger tables there. We played on a 5x3.5 table. Being a 500 point game it was quite open. Here's what I took and what he took:

Space Marines
5x Scouts
10x Marines
1 Chaplain
1 Thunderfire Cannon

10 Dire Avengers
3 Jetbikes
1 Farseer + doom
6 Banshees
1 D-Cannon

I took the D cannon because I figured that on a small table the limited range would not be an issue. As it was, I never got to fire a shot because he stayed out of range and destroyed it around the 4th turn with a Thunderfire Cannon shot. It did keep a bit of firepower off my troops though. I think I can use them as area denial since no one wants to come near one.

His Thunderfire cannon did the most damage of everything he had, it killed 3 banshees, an Avenger, and took out the D cannon. I tried taking it out with my bikes, but it's a tough nut to crack with a 3+ cover save thanks to the Techmarine. A little more firepower would help.

My banshees suffered some really bad rolls and didn't kill too much. They were wiped out by the Chaplain. When I charged the combat squad led by the chaplain, only one banshee actually managed to hit, and of course failed to wound.

In all, I won 3 objectives to 1 (my Avengers formed a long line that touched two objectives while the bikes held the third). I think what did it for me was I have learned that giving up a turn of shooting in order to get a better position pays off a lot better in the long run. In a small game every unit counts, and I think I was better able to maximize what my units did.

Next game we play we're upping it to 1,000 points. I will be playing as Tyranids. This should be interesting because the smaller the game, the harder time Tyranids have because Synapse becomes an issue.

Now we're working on strengthening the 40k community in this area. With the Northridge store closing and the stores in Santa Clarita closing, this is the only place to game in the valley. There's a small club at the college that says I can't play with them because I'm not a student (for insurance reasons, blah blah blah) but we can try and steal their players and get a league going. There's more players out here, finding who they are and getting them out will help us to get a strong wargaming community our here.


  1. Faolain, I happened to come across your blog the other day and have been followed your discussion about small point value games. If you're interested, I've written up some of my thoughts & observations on small point value games here:

    I'd be interested to hear any ideas people have for making such games even better.


  2. Thanks for pointing me to your blog. I've added your blog to my RSS feed. I think small games are also a great way to do some scenario and narrative based missions- instead of resorting to Apocalypse for narrative.


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