Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Auctions: Mordians and Metal Catachans

Just put up two more auctions- Mordians and metal Catachans. I had to strip the paint off these guys which is a real pain. But I think the arms on the metal Catachans are a lot better than the Orky arms of the new ones. And the Mordians are a classic and rare army.

These were sitting in my sort of bitz box and I found them recently and figured I'd put 'em up on Ebay. Oddly enough, the Mordian squad has 11 guys and the Catachan squad has 9. I must have lost one somehow, but I'm not sure where the extra came from. I never played Imperial Guard, but a friend did a long long long time ago. I have a bunch of other random old figures I should throw up on Ebay as well.

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