Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Editorial: Thoughts on the Price Increase

le sigh

While I much love Games Workshop's product, one of the downsides of the hobby is frequent price increases. As has been heavily reported, in June the prices are getting raised again. All metal models just had their prices raised in September, and some of those are getting raised even further.

What I don't get about it is some of the random increases. For example, the Biovore got raised up to almost $30. Of all the models, the Biovore? Don't get me wrong, I think the concept behind the Biovore is great. Even if you miss, you still get something. But at that price, I'll be looking towards Ebay when I get around to adding them to my army.

Also, very few Tyranid models were included in the increase. I take this as a hopeful sign that the new Tyranid codex is coming (relatively) soon. Of course, the requisite price increase for Nids will come then. While part of me wants to stock up on them now, I'm also worried that the Codex style will change, making part of my army obsolete. Everything I have is magnetic, so I'm ok if the new weapon du jour changes, but models aren't as forgiving if their performance or style drastically shifts.

Finally, as long as Games Workshop continues to put out a product with engaging fluff, fantastic miniatures and fun rules I will continue to buy from them. My purchasing will simply slow down. Of course, I need to paint my backlog before I start getting more stuff again. So honestly, while price rises suck, they are encouraging me to slow down my purchases so I can actually get my backlog up to speed. I mean, I finally painted my Fire Prism last year which I bought when I was 18. I'm 28 now. My poor Wraithguard still haven't been painted after all these years. But enough bloviating, time to get to painting!

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