Friday, February 11, 2011

Tyranid Harpy Conversion

After months of this thing sitting on my desk it's finally done.  The most difficult part of this conversion was trying to make matching left and right venom cannons.  I'm still not satisfied with them, maybe I should have mounted them on the wings.  Oh well.  I'm not going to do any more work on it though.


  1. Awesome job! Loving the 6th photo down.

    I was tempted to have a go at making one in a similar way - but the cost of Trygon and Carnifex boxes has put me off, so I might wait and see if the rumours of GW releasing one this summer are true...

  2. I am truly impressed! Very nice work!
    The similarity to the forge world harridan is quite cool. I love the scything talons you took for his mandibles. Are these the fantasy dragon wings?
    And don't bother about the venom cannons; they really don't mess up your great work.
    I am curious how it looks painted!
    Two thumbs up :-)

  3. Very nice Harpy, puts my own to shame. I particularly like how you did the spore mine clusters and I think the warrior scything talons on the wings are a prefect fit there.

  4. This is really top notch work. The green stuff within his collar show you took this model to town. Great looking base as well.

    How much green stuff went into this bad boy?

  5. Learning that one of the most fun things about 'nids is the love and care you can put into building and modding the most deadly, bladed, spike, fanged, poisoned monstrosity. I now know how the Rancor trainer felt in RotJ.

  6. And if it isn't apparent from the above - FANTASTIC job. I know my fell-beast based harpies won't compare =)

  7. @the 6th degree: Thanks. I got this Trygon as a prize for winning a contest with my Parasite of Mortrex. I thought about using a Carnifex body for the Harpy but it just wasn't sleek enough. I'm hoping the rumors are true because I want another one but I'm not willing to put in the work.

    @Managarm: I did use the Harridan as a reference. Those are indeed the dragon wings. I had to shave down the shoulder but they fit right into the socket.

    @OST: I was surprised to find that the Carnifex spore carapace bit fit almost perfectly onto the back of the Trygon. Of course it required a new neck and some major greenstuffing from there. The fluff says that the spore clusters are underneath but I couldn't really think of a way to do it that didn't

    @WH39999: Thanks, that part actually wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. It was time consuming because I had to build it up in steps. I used quite a bit of GS, mostly on the tail. I built the tail with a wire armature first but it still took a lot.

    @Ghostin: Thanks, I enjoy making these things. Next up I may try a T-Fex or the Doom.

  8. Looks really good! I would definitely be interesting in seeing your take on the Tyrannofex


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