Friday, November 26, 2010

Ezekiel, Dark Angels Librarian

Finished this guy up the other day.  It's a pretty old model but still a goodie.  It's incredibly detailed.

Next time I do a model this detailed I'm going to wash it after priming to help pick out the details.  I did that to the banner and it was very helpful.


  1. Nice job mate. I've always loved this model as it captures a lot of the Warrior element missing from many Librarian sculpts.

    I did the same 'empty bolter' on my Termy Librarian a while back - gives the suggestion that he has something charging him that wasn't stopped by puny explosive bullets and needs to be put down old school style.

    Good job all round.


  2. Thanks. I'm glad you noticed the empty bolter. I painted it in the colors of the original Dark Angels to suggest that it belonged to a Fallen.

  3. Thanks for the great model! I look forward to using it on many battle fields to come!


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