Monday, October 25, 2010

WHFB: Don't Forget!

The most difficult thing for me right now in Fantasy is remembering all the stuff that's going on.  I played a game last night in which a highly annoying unit of 30 White Lions with a BSB and level 4 Life Mage just would not die.  At one point I got them down to 4 models, but the mage just used Regrowth and got them back.  I could have slowed this down but I made a crucial mistake.

I forgot that even if you don't have any casters you can use power dice in your phase to dispel effects.  I could have been using that to shut down the Throne of Vines so that he could have cast fewer spells that round.  So if you run out of casters, make sure you make the most of it and dispel what you can with your power dice.  You only have to meet the base casting value which for Throne is 8.  If you're a Dwarf player you especially cannot forget this.

On a side note, Life magic is proportionately better the more expensive and elite your troops are, which makes it perfect for High Elves.

I also forgot that the Storm Banner affects fliers.  He shouldn't have been able to fly his eagle around but I completely forgot that.  It didn't matter as I chopped it up pretty quickly.  I also did all my shooting before remembering to check if the Storm Banner ended.  It did, but if it hadn't I would have had to redo the whole shooting phase.

It might be helpful for me to write a little cheat sheet so I can remember things like "ring the Bell" or "Storm Banner is up" and such like that.

Also, we had a Temple of Skulls and I had a Warlock Engineer get up to S6 and 3 wounds before he got greedy and was sucked into the warp.  Too bad he never got to fight, but his Doomrocket took out tons of guys.

In other news I've got a huge backlog of commissions.  I'm working on two Venomthropes.  After that I've got a huge pile of Dark Angels tanks.  Furthermore, my second child should be born sometime this week.  Busy busy busy!

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