Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Balancing Space Hulk

So I know Space Hulk is old news, but I've brought it with me on vacation and I'm remembering how difficult the first mission is. To win, the Genestealer player needs to flood in as many stealers as possible in the northeast corner, since there's a big LOS block at the corner. The Marine player has to survive either a lot of close range shooting or brutal close combat.

What I've discovered to make the mission easier for first-time players is to simply remove the starting two blips. That gives the Marine player a bit of an edge getting into position at the corner, and though the mission still isn't easy it's more balanced.


  1. Sounds like an easy way to level the field a little bit. I think out of 8 attempts at this mission I've properly only completed it 2/3 times. It was a surprise to me that this was the opening mission as GW love Marines and I thought they would of wanted to show them off?

  2. one of the easiest missions in the book is mission II sadly if you set up fire lanes and use the sarge for when the stealers get too close then you will ruin the 2 piles of blips and thered be no more stealers :D


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