Monday, February 8, 2010

Tervigon Build Complete

3/4 of a tube of Green Stuff later, it is finished! I am certainly no Green stuff pro and it shows. That said, I still think I did okay for my first real green stuff project (the Master of the Ravenwing had some green stuff robes but that was hardly anything).

The termagants on the base are magnetic. They serve as wound counters. I am planning on having all my nids have magnetic wound counters on their bases. I have found that I have trouble keeping track of the many wounds, especially in multi-wound units.

I have begun painting it now. I wanted to turn it in for BOLS's contest, but my carnifex shipped a week later than it was supposed to so I couldn't finish on time.


  1. Liking it very much. The magnetic wound counters is a great idea as you now no longer need to place dice next to them to help remember. Can't wait to see it painted up.

  2. Great looking model. I have been trying to figure out how to do wound counters on models, and that idea is great. I love the look of the beast. It looks almost exactly like the tervigon in the codex.
    My next tervigon will look like this one. Great job.

  3. great job on the Tervigon, I think you captured the spirit of the creature really well, especially with the horde of guants running around its base. The magnetic wound counter is a very clever double use of the guants!

  4. I think this is, easily, one of the best Tervigon conversions I've seen.

  5. Nice model, and love the wound counter idea!

  6. how did you do the spore chimneys in the middle??
    also can you buy them?

  7. @pinkie2: They're Zoanthrope vents.


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